About The Author

Originally from Long Island, NY, Mary currently lives in Seattle and has worked in residential property management for many years. She was inspired to write about her experiences after visiting Egypt and studying Alchemical Healing with her mentor Nicki Scully.

This is her second published work. She also wrote a handbook titled: How To Get A Leasing Consultant Job! It’s Easy Fun and You Don’t Need A Degree! She loves listening the birds sing, learning, reading, writing, music, mystery and magic!

The Neteru: How We All Came To Be

Ancient Egypt, considered to be the oldest and greatest civilizations on Earth, has shaped our world and continues to do so today. Yet we still know very little about it. What we do know is that the more we find out, the more we learn is that there is a lot we have yet to discover and understand. Jumpstart your journey to Ancient Egypt from the comfort of your home! Learn and discover this land where the first concepts of royalty and health were organically born in an intimate, concise, simple way from someone who’s been there. This book will make a wonderful addition to your personal library, to share with others as well as prepare you for your trip to Egypt!


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